Repair Procedures


1. Estimate Is Prepared 9. Structural & Body Repairs Take Place
2. Owner Authorizes Repairs 10. Priming & Corrosion Protection Is Applied
3. Insurance Negotiations Take Place 11. Any New Parts Are Prepared & Installed
4. Parts Are Ordered & Received 12. Vehicle Is Washed & Chemically Cleaned
5. Vehicle Is Scheduled For Repairs 13. Vehicle Undergoes Multi-Step Refinishing Process
6. Vehicle Is Disassembled And Inspected 14. Vehicle Is Placed in Down Draft Baking Booth
7. Supplement Report May Need To Be Written & Approved 15. Reassembly, Wheel Alignment, Detailing, Final inspection and Road Test Is Performed
8. If Additional Parts Are Needed, Then They Are Ordered 16. Customer Is Notified Of Completed Vehicle